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Kenway Miller Celebrates Record Year of Success

The best indicator of future success is past performance. This is probably why the most common question we’re asked by prospective clients is “what’s your success rate?” Success is of course relative to expectation. For some firms, a successful outcome to a drug driving case might be to keep a disqualification to the minimum level…. Read more »

What Is the Penalty for Drug Driving?

Since new legislation was introduced in 2015, the UK has adopted a zero-tolerance approach towards drug drivers. These new drug driving sentencing guidelines have brought the consequences for drug driving in line with those for drink driving, hopefully reducing the prevalence of this offence in the future. However, at the moment, drug driving offences are… Read more »

Will a Drug Driving Conviction Appear on My Criminal Record?

Although the dangers and consequences of drink driving have now become deeply ingrained in the minds of the public, drug driving is still not as well understood. This is despite the fact that drug driving offences are on the rise, reaching record highs of over 20,000 cases in 2021. Thanks to laws tackling dangerous driving… Read more »

Unusual Ways You Can Lose Your Driving Licence

Drink driving, dangerous driving and having too many points on your licence are all very well-known ways that you can become disqualified from driving. Ultimately, if you pose a danger to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road, then a court can take your driving licence away from you. In addition, you could lose your… Read more »

How Long After Smoking Weed Can I Drive?

Although there have been calls to make cannabis legal in the UK, it’s still classified as a class B drug and is therefore subject to strict drug driving laws. Ultimately, the use of illegal substances, controlled drugs and certain prescription medicines before driving represents a significant public health issue. CBD and THC are two of… Read more »