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Kenway Miller Celebrates Record Year of Success

The best indicator of future success is past performance. This is probably why the most common question we’re asked by prospective clients is “what’s your success rate?”

Success is of course relative to expectation. For some firms, a successful outcome to a drug driving case might be to keep a disqualification to the minimum level. Our approach in relation to drug driving is on helping clients avoid conviction and the disqualification that follows it. Which is why we were thrilled that from 1st January to 22nd December 2022 we won all 58 of our concluded drug driving cases which were listed for trial.

We’re regularly instructed by clients who have been accused of driving in excess of THC, cocaine or BZE and then been advised plead guilty by non-specialist firms and told there was no hope of avoiding conviction. However, a genuine specialist in this area will very rarely if ever advise that in relation to a drug driving charge.

Cases are prosecuted by the CPS, who rely on the Government for funding and resources. A typical day in the Magistrates’ Court will see at least 3-4 cases listed for trial many of which are considered far higher priority than a drug driving case. Conversely, the amount of forensic expertise and legal preparation required for a drug driving case will generally be higher. These factors can be used to the advantage of the client to secure acquittals in drug driving cases.

It is common for our lawyers to find that, the prosecuting lawyer in Court is not familiar with the intricate details of the matter they are prosecuting. Understandably, time and resources are directed more to the more serious cases. Instructing us will provide you with the highest quality legal representation and forensic expertise in the field of drug driving. It’s similar to having a private consultant surgeon as opposed to a GP performing your operation.

Since we were established in 2011, we have seen over 700 of our clients avoid conviction for the full range of motoring offences at Courts all over England and Wales from Folkestone to Carlisle.

In 2022 alone, Kenway Miller represented 87 clients who were acquitted for motoring offence including for speeding, failure to furnish information, no insurance, drink driving, failure to provide a specimen (breath, blood and urine) , driving in excess of the limit for drugs and driving whilst unfit. 57 of these cases were drug driving (driving in excess of the limit for THC, cocaine, Benzoylecgonine, MDMA and other drugs). We had a 100 % success rate for defending drug driving cases in 2022.

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