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M Gregson, Derbyshire

Many years ago, I personally experienced bullying at school. I was not a wallflower, and I was big, played rugby for the school team and knew how to handle myself. Still do. But… when faced with the hardest bully of the ‘year’ AND all of his henchmen, I faced almost insurmountable odds. However, when I mentioned the situation my games instructor, he stepped in privately.

By means unknown to me, he dealt with the bully. The bully and his henchmen backed off and… although they didn’t learn their lesson, I was left alone, and they targeted someone else.

 It’s the same when you are unfairly targeted by motoring Police. You need someone on your side that knows their game; knows how to put their brakes on and… knows how to protect your welfare from unfair and – in my own traffic case – very sinister goings on.

 I thus have no hesitation in recommending Motoring Offence Lawyers to anyone facing an unfair or false accusation, in relation to traffic issues. For let’s face it… no one likes a bully; and some bullies never learn. However… when they are stood up to, they may pick on someone else instead.

And that’s what Motoring Lawyers can do for you.