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Client Testimonials – Drug Driving Solicitors

I had been advised by another firm that I was in a position where a custodial sentence was highly likely. From the moment Hilary Kenway picked up my call to the moment the charges against me were dropped, the team at Kenway Millers were outstanding.
In Hilary Kenway they have a manager who works tirelessly and who showed compassion and understanding at every stage. The solicitor and barrister who handled my particular case impressed me from the start. I could not have asked for more from any of them and would have no reservations in recommending Kenway Miller to anyone seeking help in what can be a very difficult situation.

S Hussain West Midlands

Matthew was a calming, reassuring spirit who always gave me the best advice and stopped me from giving up hope or descending into panic. His intellect and experience soon demonstrated the holes in the prosecution’s case. Kenway Miller saved my driving licence, my firearms license and my profession. I could not recommend them highly enough.

S Wells Lincs

Kenway Miller Solicitors helped me get my life back following what was one of the most stressful episodes of my life. I had never been in custody before and suffered a history of panic attacks. When the police asked me to provide a blood sample I was paralysed by fear. I was suffering from palpitations and could not stand up properly. The police would not listen to me and insisted “I was trying it on” even after I had been taken to hospital. I really thought that conviction was inevitable and it was just a question of how long I would be banned for but Kenway Miller Solicitors completely changed my outlook on the case. After several months, and after an expert report had been obtained to support my case, the prosecution finally relented and withdrew the case against me.

H Roots Kent

Thanks to the services of Kenway Miller Solicitors, I escaped what would have been a devastating situation as the impact of losing my licence was unthinkable. The fees I paid were a small price to pay when compared to the difference it made for me and my family. I hope to never to have to call on their services again but will heartily recommend them to anyone who was in the same situation as I was.

B Dempster Buckinghamshire

The experience I had with Kenway Millers was fantastic from start to finish. The fees charged were transparent, fair and reasonable particularly when compared to some of the other firms I contacted just after I had been charged. They came up with a plan which they explained to me at the beginning of my case and identified a number of areas in the prosecution evidence that could be challenged. When I arrived for my trial it became clear that the prosecution were in a bit of a mess and were not in a position to deal with the points that had been raised on my behalf. They were on the back foot from the very start, they asked for my trial to be moved back which the Court refused thanks in no small part to the representations Matthew made on my behalf. The case against me was dismissed and I was able to move on with my life relatively unscathed.

J Webb Hampshire

I will always be grateful for everything that Kenway Miller did for us. I know my wife especially appreciated having a calming, friendly voice on the phone. For my part to have someone who calls when they say they will, who does everything they say they’ll do and that you can totally trust is priceless in today’s world and very rare.
Matthew was excellent when he attended Court and took charge of the situation as soon as he arrived, his personality dominated the court and the result was the very best it could possibly have been.

G Moylan Birmingham

After using a High Street firm for representation in the Magistrates’ Court I was horrified to be convicted and disqualified from driving after trial, as I was certain that I was not driving under the influence of drugs. I decided to give Kenway Millers a call to investigate an appeal. As a small business owner, my licence is absolutely crucial to my livelihood. After obtaining a few quotes I found Kenway Millers to be the most friendly and professional people I spoke to as well as charging reasonable fees. Matthew went through my situation with me and decided I did have a case and therefore should appeal. I was very impressed with the Barrister that the team chose for me, and on the day he kept me calm and represented me in court leaving me to just confirm my name. I was delighted when my conviction was overturned. All in all Kenway Miller provided an excellent service and one that I will always be grateful for.

B Holmes Shropshire

Many years ago, I personally experienced bullying at school. I was not a wallflower, and I was big, played rugby for the school team and knew how to handle myself. Still do. But… when faced with the hardest bully of the ‘year’ AND all of his henchmen, I faced almost insurmountable odds. However, when I mentioned the situation my games instructor, he stepped in privately.
By means unknown to me, he dealt with the bully. The bully and his henchmen backed off and… although they didn’t learn their lesson, I was left alone, and they targeted someone else.
It’s the same when you are unfairly targeted by motoring Police. You need someone on your side that knows their game; knows how to put their brakes on and… knows how to protect your welfare from unfair and – in my own traffic case – very sinister goings on.
I thus have no hesitation in recommending Motoring Offence Lawyers to anyone facing an unfair or false accusation, in relation to traffic issues. For let’s face it… no one likes a bully; and some bullies never learn. However… when they are stood up to, they may pick on someone else instead.
And that’s what Motoring Lawyers can do for you.

M Gregson Derbyshire

I was told to plead guilty by the duty solicitor I spoke to at the police station and was seriously considering doing so (thank goodness I didn’t). I then called a number of other Solicitors after having been charged (some of whom quoted exorbitant fees) but the kindness, understanding and patience shown to me by Kenway Miller Solicitors shone through and that is what made me decide to instruct them. It is one of the best decisions that I ever made as I have them to thank for me keeping my licence.

M Ansoor London

“Kenway Millers were a tower of strength for me from me from the moment I called them. I shudder to think where I would be without their support, advice and guidance with my case. It is not an exaggeration to say that my life would have fallen apart if I had been convicted of drug driving. As I work shifts I would have lost my job. They counselled me throughout the whole process often taking calls from me after hours. I have to confess that I didn’t always understand their methods, but I was always certain that I was being looked after by experts in the field. I have never felt so relieved in my life than when I walked out of Court knowing I had been found not guilty and this most unfortunate episode was over. I cannot thank my Solicitors enough for their help.”

J Watts Sussex